Fredrik Carlquist is a Swedish saxophonist based in Barcelona since 2001. His lyrical tone and great sense of melody has made him a reference on the cosmopolitan Barcelona jazz scene. Thanks for checking out the music and feel free to contact or follow Fredrik. E-mail: fcjazz@me.com

“His refined style and personality have made him one of the tenors of reference on the European scene” Time Out – Barcelona

Clarinet For Dreamers – new release 29th of April 2019. I think that most saxophonist, at some point in their life at least, dreamt about playing the clarinet. Dreamt about playing glimmering lines up in the high register ornamented with seductive glissandos and dive into the melancholic low register to play velvety notes with an air of a fading rose. Full of passion and optimism and fooled by the clarinets similarity to a soprano saxophone you buy a nice French wooden clarinet and start frenetic practise only to find yourself experiencing an unusual sever case of unanswered love.  learn more / listen

Stride & Shine – New Album March 28th 2019

Of all imaginable nightmares I think one of the worst ones must be when a modern-jazz oriented musician has to play Dixieland.  Being forced to return to the glorious jazz- and entertainment era when G7-chords were just G7-chords and where anything played that doesn’t lay exactly right on the sweet spot simply will sound like crap. A challenging situation that could leave even the best educated modern jazz-artist with the pants down. But the show must go on, as we learned from our heroes of yesterday, which in itself offers another irresistible challenge. If you start to learn about the history of jazz and the lives of the ones who created it you soon realise that optimism must have been a key factor to create this beautiful art form. And wouldn’t it be lovely to pay tribute to such a great tradition and pass it on! learn more…

Spanish Incidents – New Album Feb 28th 2019 

If music could be recorded in black & white it might very well sound like this new album by Richard Lindgren and Fredrik Carlquist. Just like a black & white photo can add a dreamy beauty to a realistic and sometimes even rough picture there is a certain sincerity to a naked recording where you can hear the vibrations of the room. Where some things are left untouched in order to give the listener the sensation of being right there with the musicians    in your own living room.  learn more

New Album Oct 26th 2018

Skeleton Walk: Music written for a quartet featuring clarinet. The album is a collaboration between southern Swedish blues pianist Nils Bondesson and the Swedish jazz musician Fredrik Carlquist, based in Barcelona since 2001. It was during a recording with singer/songwriter Richard Lindgren that the idea of this project first saw the light of the day. Nils had a couple of compositions in the drawer long awaiting a clarinetist to perform them, and Fredrik was at the same time in a stage of growing interest for the clarinet. Inspiration found its way into the collaboration, and the project grew into a full album. Moody and playful music with influences from New Orleans, Blues meets Jazz, Barcelona meets Swedish Scania, Skeleton meets Clarinet.
Welcome on a Skeleton-Promenade!

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