“Ten years ago  a saxophone player from Sweden landed in Barcelona and soon became one of the mainstays of the new jazz events in our city. Fredrik Carlquist is now considered one of the major horn players on our scene, a precise and versatile saxophonist”

El Periódico/ Time Out – Barcelona,Spain, 2011


“Though most North Americans jazz fans may not have heard of Fredrik Carlquist he’s definitely deserving a wider recognition. Fans of Paul Desmond’s recordings of the 1970’s will find this album right up their alley and any fan of jazz in general will find something to enjoy on each and every tune”

Just Jazz Guitar, Canada 2009


“Blau records sent me your fantastic CD – we are adding at least 5 songs from it to our playlist. Your playing is superb. Such a unique, memorable style. And the production level and value on the CD is impeccable.”

Radio Station The JazzGroove, Los Angeles 2011



“Two words are enough here – world class!”

Jönköpings-Posten, Sweden 2013


Forever Young
Fredrik plays saxophone, clarinet and flute, composes and produces music. He was born in Jönköping, Sweden in 1969 and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music from Malmo College of Music.

He has performed all over Europe, in USA, China, Africa and South America and has performed in venues and festivals like Barcelona Jazz Festival (Spain), The Village Vanguard (USA), Carnegie Hall (USA) Haugesund Jazz Festival (Norway) and Kinshasa International Jazz Festival (Congo).

Fredrik works with many of Barcelona’s and Sweden’s best jazz musicians and performs regularly in various constellations with players like Jorge Rossy, Horacio Fumero, Joan Chamorro, Damon BrownAndrea Motis, Karl-Martin Almqvist and Gustav Lundgren.